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OceanWorks introduces new torque tool products for deep water

Posted on 12.06.2008 - 08:00 UTC in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

OceanWorks introduces new torque tool products for deep waterOceanWorks International has announced the introduction of two subsea tooling products for deepwater operations: the Tornado Tro Subsea Torque Tool and the Tornado TVT Subsea Torque Verification Tool.

The Tornado Tro subsea torque tool is depth-rated to 4,000 meters, and features integrated torque and turns count sensors for real-time readout of torque and turns. When matched with a "smart" torque tool control manifold, full torque and speed feedback and control can be achieved. Specifically designed for operations with an ROV or a diver, the Tornado Tro features a robust, light weight tool design that is compliant with API17D & H, Class 1 -4, (as incorporated in ISO 13628-8), and provides a maximum torque output of 2,000 ft lbs (2700 Nm). Conversion between Class 1 – 4 end effectors is easily achieved without disassembly of oil-filled gearbox, and clamping latches are fail-safe, enabling removal of the tool from the API receptacle when hydraulic pressure is removed.

OceanWorks Tornado Tro torque toolOceanWorks has twenty Tornado Tro tools in production with firm orders in hand for fourteen of these units.

The Tornado TVT subsea torque verification tool allows remote verification of torque output for an ROV-borne torque tool at operating depths up to 4,000 meters immediately prior to use in the operation of a subsea valve or actuator. The TVT interfaces with any torque tool configured to API 17D/H (ISO 13628-8) Classes 1-4, and provides a torque readout accuracy of ± 0.5%.

OceanWorks will ship the first Tornado TVT in May, with follow-on production units available starting in June.

Both Tornado Tro and Tornado TVT tools feature programmable subsea LED displays, remote surface read-out, two way subsea to surface communications, and extended-life rechargeable batteries.

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