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Statfjord A leak stopped, situation normalised

Posted on 25.05.2008 - 10:00 EDT in OFFSHORE NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Statfjord A leak stopped, situation normalisedThe leak from the tank on Statfjord A has been stopped, and the pumping of oil-containing water to sea has also been stopped.

The situation on the Statfjord A platform is being stabilised, considering that the safety of personnel is being properly ensured and the leak has been stopped.

For safety reasons, a total of around 1,200 cubic metres of oil-containing water were pumped to sea early this morning. This was done to ensure safety on board the platform following a leak in a pipe inside one of the shafts of the installation. This pumping has now been stopped. The oil concentration in the water is limited.

As a result of the pumping, there is a thin oil film around the Statfjord A platform and measures have been implemented to collect it. Oil protection equipment and oil booms are being deployed. The weather conditions in the area are good.

All personnel, except the emergency response team, have been brought to safety on platforms in the vicinity, in accordance with the company's safety procedures.

There were 217 people on board when the leak occurred. Of these, 156 have been transported to the neighbouring Statfjord B and C platforms.

StatoilHydro's emergency response team has been mobilised and is leading the emergency response and the oil protection activities.

Photo of the Statfjord A field taken today.
Photo of the Statfjord A field taken today.

Situation on Statfjord A is being normalised

The personnel on Statfjord A are now being transported back to the platform and the activity is being normalised. The oil spill response action continues this evening.

As soon as the situation allowed, specially trained personnel were sent down the shaft to install a plug on the leaking pipe in order to stop the leak. No more pumping of oil-containing water to sea will be required.

The two people exposed to gas vapour were transported by helicopter to Stavanger, where they were taken care of by medical personnel.

The organisation on the platform is currently preparing to receive the evacuated personnel who will be transported back to Statfjord A this evening. They will be attended to by medical personnel and other types of personnel.

Oil spill response efforts will continue this evening to control the thin oil film observed by the platform.

Production on Statfjord A will probably be shut down for several days.

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