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ROV NEWS: J.S. Dykkerservice Buy ACROV

Posted on 01.05.2008 - 20:13 EDT in CONTRACT AWARDS by jamesmc

ACCESS Co UK Ltd (Aberdeen, Scotland) is delighted to announce the sale of a ACROV Underwater Inspection System to J.S. Dykkerservice (Haugesund, Norway).  Founded in 1965, J.S. Dykkerservice (JSD) offers "all round" commercial diving services to the onshore / inshore market. Owned by exmilitary diver Mr John Skarholm, the ACROV purchase enables JSD to offer their clients a rapid deployment inspection tool that generates high quality video footage of targets previously beyond the company’s service capability.

Øystein Skarholm of JSD is enjoying getting to know their latest acquisition. The ACROV is a very interesting piece of kit the vehicle mobility, robustness and camera footage quality really sets it apart from other systems we looked at. JSD will be deploying the vehicle in a duel role capacity: as a standalone ROV for inspection applications and as the ideal diver companion for the onshore / inshore markets we serve.

The 120 meter tethered ACROV is to be immediately deployed on two cable inspection jobs in the Haugesund region. Firstly the unit will inspect a gas line lying at 40 meters depth that is thought to have been damaged by ship anchor movement. The second job involves the inspection of a fibre optic cable lying at 75 meters depth close to seabed rock shelf.

For ACROV inspections and demonstrations please contact:
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