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ODIM Brooke Ocean continues Odim MVP orders into 2008

Posted on 25.04.2008 - 10:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

ODIM Brooke Ocean continues Odim MVP orders into 2008ODIM Brooke Ocean is delighted to announce the many new orders it has received since the beginning of 2008 for ODIM MVP's (Moving Vessel Profiler's) systems.

United States Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVOCEANO), has submitted an order for an MVP300-3400 System. The system is to be delivered over the coming months. Valued by maritime interests worldwide, NAVOCEANO acquires and analyzes global ocean and littoral data to provide specialized, operationally significant products and services for defense and civilian, national and international customers.

Fugro-Geoteam, Norway, has submitted an order for an MVP300 System. Furgo-Geoteam's MVP300 will be utilized for seismic operations and is the first of several systems being built for the seismic sector. This is the third MVP system for Fugro an builds on the successful implementation of the previous two systems in 2007. The system is expected to be delivered to the Fugro Geo Caribbean by mid July 2008. Fugro-Geoteam has worldwide responsibility for marine seismic data acquisition within the Fugro Group.

National Oceanography Center, Southampton (NOCS), has submitted an order for refurbishment and upgrades to their existing MVP300 System. A team of ODIM Brooke Ocean engineers have traveled to NOC and completed the refurbishment and upgrades to the system. NOCS's main focus is oceanography in the UK and is one of the top five oceanographic research institutions in the world.

Fugro Pelagos Inc., San Diego, CA, has submitted an order for an MVP30 System. The expected delivery date for this system is scheduled for end of April 2008. A subsidiary of Fugro Group, Fugro Pelagos provides high resolution hydrographic and seabed mapping services worldwide.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS), has submitted an order for an MVP30 system to be used for research purposes. Their system is scheduled to be delivered by late August 2008. USGS understands complex natural science phenomena and provides scientific products that lead to solutions.

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