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Exhibitions: Submersibles, the Titanic and other disasters

Posted on 16.04.2008 - 08:00 EDT in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Submersibles, the Titanic and other disastersThe Titanic is the subject of a pair of talks at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton on Thursday 10 April: ‘Submersibles, The Titanic and Other Disasters', starting at 7.30pm and lasting until about 10pm the event features two speakers.

Brigitte Saar, a television presenter and journalist with the German TV station ZDF, will be talking about her dive to the wreck site. Photographs and footage of her experiences will illustrate the talk.

Steve Hall will describe how submersibles have been used extensively to carry out research on the causes of maritime disasters. He will relate it to the tragedy that befell the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk in August 2000.

RMS TitanicThe talk takes place in the week of the 96th anniversary of the sinking of RMS Titanic, which set sail from Ocean Dock - a stone's throw from NOCS - on April 12, 1912.

The event is ticket only and are available free of charge from Tourist Information, tel 023 8083 3333.

The talk is part of a programme of Titanic-related commemorative events organised by Southampton City Council. On Friday April 11, the last survivor of the wreck, Millvina Dean, will host an audience at the Turner Sims Concert Hall on how the Titanic shaped her life. Other events will include talks on Saturday, April 12 by Philip Littlejohn on his grandfather, Alexander James Littlejohn, who was a First Class Steward, and Geoff Watts on the city's Titanic memorials.

For more information:

Arrangements for wheelchairs must be made in advance. Unless it is possible to descend via the stairs in an emergency, access to upper floors cannot be permitted as lifts are automatically immobilised when the fire alarm is activated.

The National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (formerly Southampton Oceanography Centre) is reached via Dock Gate 4 (between Town Quay and Ocean Village).

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