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Kongsberg helps verify HMAS Sydney's identity

Posted on 04.04.2008 - 12:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Kongsberg helps verify HMAS Sydney's identityKongsberg Maritime is one of two Norwegian companies which have been chosen to provide and operate equipment to capture digital images and video of the wreck of the Australian Warship, HMAS Sydney, sunk off the coast of Western Australia during the Second World War by the German vessel, HSK Kormoran.

Three cameras

Three high definition deep sea cameras, designed and engineered by the Norwegian company Kongsberg Maritime, will now be used to video the HMAS Sydney. Two of the 3,000 m depth cameras are based in Perth, and an additional camera has been delivered from the Kongsberg offices in Aberdeen.

Solving the mystery

ROV with Kongsberg camera
ROV with Kongsberg camera

It is hoped that the images provided by these hi-tech cameras will assist in solving the mystery of the sinking of the Sydney, and provide an answer to the relatives and friends of all who gave their lives in this tragic incident.

About DOF Subsea

The other company which will assist in this operation is DOF Subsea ASA. Based in Bergen on the west coast of Norway, has established a permanent presence in all major offshore regions and offers survey and construction services using their own vessels. The Company has offices in ten countries worldwide and employs over 1,200 highly qualified staff.

The vessel SV Geosounder is now dedicated to, and operates out of DOF Subsea Asia and is based in Perth. The Geosounder has been on hire to The Finding Sydney Foundation and has provided surveying, positioning and personnel services in the successful search for the wreckage of HMAS Sydney.

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