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Jacksonville to become the first US port to deploy new technology to prevent und

Posted on 04.04.2008 - 10:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Jacksonville to become the first US port to deploy new technology to prevent underwater terrorist attackThe first deployment in the USA of a new generation of port security technology is to be undertaken by a local law enforcement agency in Jacksonville, Florida.

The City of Jacksonville has confirmed an order for a Coda Underwater Inspection System (UIS) to be used on small patrol vessels by their highly trained team of public safety/bomb squad divers. Developed for the US Coast Guard, the UIS utilises patented real-time 3D sonar technology, the Coda Echoscope, to identify and classify objects underwater, enabling much more rapid and effective searches of ports and waterways.

"The UIS will greatly enhance our capability to safeguard our ports and underwater critical infrastructure" said Chief Roy Henderson, who heads the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Homeland Security Division.

Jason Reid, Coda Octopus President and CEO, said he viewed the Jacksonville order as a "significant milestone" for Coda Octopus. He commented,"It was shortly after 9/11 that I had my first view of a 3D real-time sonar device in its earliest prototype form, and the Company's commitment to commercialize this technology was indeed inspired by the attacks. It has been a long journey, but we always envisaged the ports of the United States as a very large and important market for these devices. Today, we are more certain than ever of the size of this potential market, the uniqueness and appropriateness of the technology and of the products we have to offer and of the interest on the part of the US Coast Guard and of large numbers of port authorities throughout the United States."

Already deployed by the US Coast Guard and also in the Middle East and Asia, the Coda UIS is also the subject of considerable interest from a large number of US ports and CodaOctopus expects to confirm at least one additional order over the next 60 days.

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