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Applied Acoustic Engeering has launched smart new beacon

Posted on 21.03.2008 - 12:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Applied Acoustic Engeering has launched smart new beaconApplied Acoustic Engineering is launching its latest Beacons at Oceanology International. The new range, the 1000 Series, is a more electronically sophisticated product with improved reliability. Clever engineering design has also made the new product simpler to use. The Channel Selector switches have gone and in their place is digital control from an external Smart Switch.

The palm sized Smart Switch, with direct connection to the beacon, is packed full of useful electronic circuitry enabling the device to perform a multitude of important tasks in addition to transponder configuration. These include battery diagnostics, trickle charge/fast charge monitoring & control, and depth telemetry selection. Easy to use, the small device provides a smooth and efficient set-up and provides valuable operational information on the clear LCD screen. The new 1000 Series can also be configured direct from a PC.

"Using our years of experience and useful feedback from our customers we knew exactly what was required when we started designing this product, " said Neil MacDonald AAE's Technical Manager, "so we've perfected the set-up function and provided the operators with really useful data - just what they need in the field. Even the firmware can be updated remotely via the internet.

"This is an extension to our product range, a means by which we can cater for all tastes, as the 900 Series of beacons will retain their strong role in our product portfolio." he added.

The addition of a standard 5-pin bulkhead connector, offering pin-for-pin compatibility, improves the versatility and worldwide appeal of the product.

"This is a important new product for the company, "said Gavin Willoughby, Sales Manager. "The quality of our products and our engineering excellence is recognised across the globe, so Oceanology International will provide us with the perfect platform to let our customers know about this exciting development."

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