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General Robotics Limited demonstrated DeepLive at Oi08

Posted on 20.03.2008 - 12:00 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

General Robotics Limited demonstrated DeepLive at Oi08General Robotics Limited (GRL) has demonstrated a pre-release copy of DeepLive 2.0 on the DeepOcean stand (314) at Oceanology International 2008 in London. DeepLive is GRL's offshore monitoring software that provides advanced 3D visualisations of live assets in real-time.

DeepLive 2.0 is a supplementary data input module for DeepView 2.0. DeepLive accepts NMEA data inputs (including those from GPS, gyro and USBL systems) to show the position, in a 3D visualisation, of subsea objects like a vessel and its ROV, or a pipe-lay barge and its anchor lines. This allows real-time tracking of ROV manoeuvres near a subsea structure, or monitoring touchdown during cable or pipeline deployment.

DeepLive 2.0's advanced user interface makes it simple to operate in the field, using drag and drop technology to build up world models quickly and easily. With automatic data collection, display and saving, it allows multiple simultaneous views of the world to be replayed at any point for live monitoring, peer review by engineers or showing to clients. DeepLive 2.0 reduces pilot stress and increases client confidence by providing a clear view of all assets in the world and in real-time. DeepLive 2.0 is available from Q2 2008.

The demonstration included an advanced ROV pilot training simulator which is used to generate the NMEA data strings from realtime ROV and vessel movements.

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