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ROV NEWS: LYYN releases next generation Visibility Enhancer Platform and signs deal with S

Posted on 14.03.2008 - 08:00 EDT in INSPECTION NEWS (Subsea) by Rons_ROV_Links

LYYN releases next generation Visibility Enhancer Platform and signs deal with SeaBotixNew Hawk integration board from LYYN enables SeaBotix to easily add LYYN's Visual Enhancement technology to its LBV and LBC Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV). This greatly aids operator visibility in all types of sub-sea exploration and applications.

SeaBotix is one of the world's leading producers of ROV for all types of undersea work including research, search and recovery, pipeline work and maritime security. The company has now signed an agreement with Swedish LYYN to include its V.E.T. (Visibility Enhancement Technology) video into SeaBotix ROV consoles using the HAWK Integration Board and Panel.

SeaBotix LBV and LBC systems are supplied with high-resolution low light color cameras that provide high quality video images. These images are affected by turbid waters resulting in low light, low contrast and poor color under sub-sea conditions. Using LYYN's V.E.T., video or still images are processed in real time. The result is a vast improvement in video clarity and object identification.

"This product has been requested by our customers as an option and we are very happy that we can now be the first to offer this exciting technology as an integrated part of our ROVs." says Jesse Rodocker, Director of Marketing at SeaBotix. "Late last year we delivered the first 4 SeaBotix LBC Crawlers with the LYYN video enhancement integrated, based on reengineered portable T38s. This worked well but the HAWK Integration Board and Panel will allow for a much more easy integration."

"This contract is a huge milestone for us. Anyone who buys an ROV from SeaBotix can now benefit from our Visibility Enhancement Technology being easily installed, either at purchase, or as an added feature when vision enhancement becomes a priority." Says Bengt Sahlberg, Executive Vice President SubSea at LYYN. "We already have proof that our Visibility Enhancement works exceptionally well in many situations where vision would otherwise be impaired. Now, sub-sea professionals can install our HAWK Board very easily, bringing great value visibility enhancement at low cost."
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