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Market success for EM 710 multibeam echosounder

Posted on 13.03.2008 - 12:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Market success for EM 710 multibeam echosounderSince its introduction, the new wideband and versatile EM 710 multibeam echosounder has gained considerable popularity among many different user categories. Up until now, approximately 40 systems have been sold.

Quite surprisingly, the model with the highest specification of 0.5°x1° beam widths has become the most popular model, making up about 50% of the units sold.

The extremely narrow transmit beam of 0.5° is a feature that results in very high resolution of the survey results, and is required for detection of objects according to IHO S-44 special order. Many users are waiting for the dual swath functionality, in order to have the full system performance of their EM 710. This functionality is expected to be distributed from May 2008 and will include new and more powerful boards for signal processing.

Typical EM710 multibeam echosounder results.
Typical EM710 multibeam echosounder results. 

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