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Exhibitions: Lapp Muller to unveil electrocarrier/composite cables at Oceanology 2008

Posted on 05.03.2008 - 16:00 EST in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Lapp Muller to unveil electrocarrier/composite cables at Oceanology 2008Lapp Muller of France, which designs electrocarrier and self-supporting composite cables, is participating in Oceanology International 2008 in London in March. The company works with marine and underwater construction companies (in activities such as welding and cutting), with oceanographic research centres and offshore institutes, with manufacturers of underwater acoustic instruments, and with engineering companies.

Visitors will be able to see Lapp Muller's technology for themselves at the Oceanology International 2008 trade show between 11 and 13 March in London. The cables designed by Lapp Muller conform to the specifications of France's Naval Shipbuilding Directorate (i.e. the Direction des Constructions Navales or DCNS) for the equipment of surface ships or submarines.

Lapp Muller offers complete solutions, with cables fitted with the customer´s choice of connectors and galvanised steel, stainless steel or titanium terminations. The cables intended for underwater applications can be fitted with flexible or rigid fairings.

The supporting or self-supporting cables combine power, control, signal and optical functions. They are generally very flexible as well as watertight, and they can float or have neutral density. They are used for control and power supply with ROVs, cable-laying machines, trenching ploughs, and underwater-work machines (which are used in welding, cutting and various other operations). The company can fit the cables with moulded-on terminations and connectors.

Lapp Muller offers the following products: heavy or floating ROV tethers, umbilicals, cables for cable-laying machines, sonar cables, and buoy cables - all of which are AFAQ-certified, as per the ISO 9001/V2000 standard.

The specialist French company is structured in such a way that it can be highly responsive to customers' needs: Lapp Muller can start production runs of short lengths - from 100 metres to semi-industrial production - with a lead time of three to six weeks. Lapp Muller, a subsidiary of the Lapp Group, also has its own research and testing centre.

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