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GIB System

Posted on 22.04.2004 - 03:23 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

ORCA Instrumentation and the French R&D firm Advanced Concept and System Architecture (ACSA) has developed the GIB system, which is designed to track pinger-fitted underwater vehicles in real-time.

GIB (GPS Intelligent Buoy), a new concept to obtain global position system (GPS) accuracy for underwater vehicle location and tracking, is easy to set up and operate, the company says. The technology is based on a surface buoy network and location technology relying on a D-GPS network, so that GIB has been described as an "underwater GPS" portable tracking system. A control and display unit is used aboard the ship, which can navigate without any constraints since no dunking transducer is needed. The system is managed over the local radio network. GIB can be deployed from small and large ships and no calibration is required to obtain metric accuracy. GIB can operate in shallow and deep waters, while providing 3D accuracy. All the data is stored in the control and display unit.
April 2004

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