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HYPACK 2008 version released

Posted on 04.03.2008 - 08:00 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

HYPACK 2008 version releasedOn February 15th, 2008, HYPACK, Inc. officially released HYPACK version 2008. HYPACK 2008 represents almost a year of improvements to our previous version, HYPACK 6.2B. HYPACK 2008 offers a complete surveying package for acquiring and processing bathymetry, as well as ADCP, magnetometer, side scan sonar, and sub-bottom data; and includes charting tools for S57 production.

Some of the new features in HYSWEEP include the new Odom ES3 and Riegl laser scanning interfaces. We have also added the capability to log and display Snippets and Total Propagated Error (TPE). In postprocessing, there are new editing and filtering tools and a new CUBE with Enhanced OpenGL graphics.

The HYPACK 2008 release CD will be distributed to all users subscribed to the HYPACK Maintenance Plan. HYPACK 2008 will also be available for download on from the HYPACK website (

For more information on HYPACK 2008 , please contact HYPACK sales or visit their website:


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