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HYPACK completes Edgetech 4200 integration

Posted on 03.03.2008 - 08:00 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

HYPACK completes Edgetech 4200 integrationWith assistance from Edgetech and SHOM (French Naval Hydrographic Division), HYPACK has now successfully integrated and field tested the interface to Edgetech's 4200 hi-res, dual-frequency side scan.

When HYPACK added side scan sonar capability to the standard HYPACK software license, they were limited to working with single-frequency, lower resolution side scans. In the upcoming HYPACK 2008 release, they modified the Side Scan Survey and Side Scan Mosacing programs to be able to handle dual-frequency and high-resolution side scans.
Mike Kalmbach of HYPACK has worked his magic to integrate the Edgetech 4200 side scan sonar. Recent tests off New Bedford, MA, conducted with the assistance of Edgetech resulted in some stunning mosaics, as evidenced by the screen capture. In addition, SHOM (French Navy Hydrographic Division) has been instrumental in helping to field test the integration and help us stomp on the last remaining bugs.

This new interface is a standard part of the HYPACK 2008 release, which should be hitting the street in late February 2008.

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