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Exhibitions: Noordhoek presents new DPII Diving Construction Support Vessel on the 26th of February

Posted on 29.02.2008 - 12:00 EST in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Noordhoek presents new DPII Diving Construction Support Vessel on the 26th of February at OSJ Annual ConferenceWith the assortment of new build Diving Support Vessels entering the offshore subsea and construction industry in the near future it is not easy to target a new build Diving Support Vessel in addition with the assurance of sufficient sustainable business prospective. This challenge becomes even more complicated when one considers the largely overstressed market conditions on the lead-times and budgets involved with the delivery and integration of the necessary specialist systems and equipment.

Firstly, the aim of this paper / presentation is to discuss how Noordhoek translates their near 50 years of offshore industry experience and business objectives into the design of a reliable, industry embraced and very competitive vessel whilst still focusing on the requirements of the target market - such as area of operations, water depths, manning levels in relation to the planned core-activities etc.

The second aim is to elaborate on how the company plans to cope with lead-times on specialist equipment such as the 100T offshore crane and saturation diving system integration delays or budget overruns that have been seen on various similar new build DSV projects. For instance, how to adapt a "stock" platform designed offshore crane into a suitable crane for DSV operations and how to design a modular saturation diving system which can be completed and function tested in-house before integrating in the vessel.

The third aim is to look at the final specification of the vessel and technical specification of the equipment and systems on board.

Lastly, the paper will explain how the associated challenges from upgrading from single vessel operation to a dual vessel will be tackled. These include changes required on the corporate and project organisation structure, HSE related topics and the intergral quality management system.

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