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L-3 Communications Klein Associates, Inc. to hold side scan sonar pricing for 20

Posted on 27.02.2008 - 09:00 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

L-3 Communications Klein Associates, Inc. to hold side scan sonar pricing for 2008L-3 Communications Klein Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce that it will not raise prices for the Side Scan Sonar products in 2008. While most of the competitors within the Side Scan Sonar market are increasing prices, L-3 Klein through numerous "Continuous Improvement Projects" and by instituting strategic cost savings within our factories, are able to hold our current pricing structure.

We are adopting internal changes that are bringing cost savings to fruition. L-3 Klein is passing these savings on to our customers by not increasing prices. Fuel for boats, sea testing has gone up, heating oil is at an all time high, taxes have increased and we continue to reward the performance of our employees with annual raises but factory efficiency savings are off setting these increases.

Pricing for the following L-3 Klein Systems will be held in 2008; System 3000 Digital Side Scan Sonar, System 3900 Search and Recovery Sonar, System 4000 Port and Harbor Security Side Scan Sonar, and the System 5000 High Resolution, multibeam Side Scan Sonar.

It is L-3 Klein's stated goal to serve the market with high quality and reliable products at competitive prices. L-3 Klein takes this seriously.

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