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ETS invests in Sonardyne technology to support customers in deep water operation

Posted on 26.02.2008 - 14:00 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

ETS invests in Sonardyne technology to support customers in deep water operationsEquipment and Technical Services (ETS) Inc. based in Houston has made a major commitment to supporting its customers' deep water operations with the purchase of Sonardyne Wideband Compatt 5 transponders.

As specialists in subsea equipment management and rental, ETS will now have the capability to supply operators in the Gulf of Mexico with high accuracy Long BaseLine (LBL) positioning equipment for construction survey applications in water depths to 5,000 metres.

This order for Compatt 5s compliments ETS's existing inventory of Sonardyne equipment which includes ROVNav 5 transceivers rated to 7,000 metres. Both products incorporate Sonardyne's successful Wideband technology that has been repeatedly demonstrated as the best solution for use in deep water and acoustically crowded operating environments. The fast position update rate and immunity to signal interference offered by the Wideband digital technology has been shown to overcome the problems commonly experienced with conventional analogue acoustic positioning systems.

Commenting on the order during the recent Underwater Intervention exhibition in New Orleans, ETS Vice President, Mike Knight said; "From talking to our customers in the region, it's clear that future contracts will find them operating in increasing water depths. By investing in appropriate acoustic positioning technology now, ETS will be ready to supply the rental market with the products it needs whatever the water depth."

Pictured below at the Underwater Intervention exhibition (left to right): ETS Vice President Mike Knight, Sonardyne VP Spencer Collins, ETS President Andy Bogle and Kim Swords, Senior Sonardyne Applications Engineer.
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