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Columbus Networks' new undersea fiber cable lands in Colombia

Posted on 22.02.2008 - 10:00 EST in SUBSEA TELECOMS NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Columbus Networks' new undersea fiber cable lands in ColombiaColumbus Networks has completed cable installation on the first phase of an undersea fiber optic express route that connects Colombia with Florida. The company expects to illuminate the first of two fiber cable segments and begin offering service in April.

The first-phase undersea cable segment links Cartagena, Colombia and Morant Point, Jamaica. Installation work is continuing on the second phase of the cable that connects Jamaica to Florida in Boca Raton. The principal operator of the ARCOS undersea network, Columbus Networks expects to complete the second leg of the express route in July.

Once complete, the express route will provide customers in Colombia with the most direct route, an increased performance and the lowest latency data and IP connection to the USA, adding data traffic diversity, redundancy, and improved network reliability.

"Columbus Networks clearly recognizes the importance of the thriving Colombian market on the regions' overall growth and economic expansion," said Paul Scott, president of Columbus Networks. "We decided to build the express route and add cable diversity to better meet increasing bandwidth demand, and to more evenly distribute communications traffic across a multi-path network."

Columbus Networks' Colombia-Florida Sub Sea Fiber Project, dubbed "CFX", includes more than 2,400 kilometers of deep-sea repeated high-capacity fiber optic cable. It also includes a new landing station in Cartagena where other regional communications providers are co-located for interconnection with Columbus Networks.

CFX is the largest network expansion project the company has undertaken since Columbus Communications acquired the company in September 2005.

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