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OSIL will launch cost-effective monitoring platform at OI 2008

Posted on 19.02.2008 - 16:00 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

OSIL will launch cost-effective monitoring platform at OI 2008OSIL (Ocean Scientific International Ltd.) will be launching their new range of robust and adaptable Data Buoys at Oceanology International 2008. They will be exhibiting the small and cost-effective OSIL200 buoy on their stand, which illustrates the compact and light-weight design of the buoys. OSIL's Data Buoys provide the ideal monitoring platform for a wide assortment of instrumentation and their highly stable design makes them suitable for a variety of short and long term applications including ocean, river, coastal and dredge monitoring. They are designed to be completely adaptable to any applications' needs, and can withstand the harshest of conditions thanks to their robust construction.

The light-weight buoys are available in four different sizes, ranging from a diameter of 1.2 m with a buoyancy of 200 kg, up to 3 m in diameter with 9000kg of buoyancy. They are manufactured using rotationally moulded polyethylene hulls around a galvanised steel or welded polyethylene central structure, and have a customised 316 stainless steel frame attached to the top for mounting instrumentation on. The modular design of the buoys makes them simple to transport and the replacement of equipment effortless, and thanks to the multiple parts of the buoy, sinking is virtually impossible.

The flexible mounting options of OSIL's Data Buoys allow an array of instrumentation to be attached to them, including multiparameter sondes, current meters and meteorological instruments. The main structure of the buoys has a large hole through the centre which allows the passage of instrumentation and cables from the tower down to the water. This channel also provides protection to instrumentation positioned within it, from damage during deployment and transportation.

OSIL's Data Buoys truly are the most cost-effective solution to any monitoring needs thanks to their flexibility and ease of use and transport. OSIL specialise in providing cutting edge solutions for marine and environmental problems and their new buoy range is a further example of how they cater to their customers needs and ensure that they provide each application with the most appropriate instrumentation at the highest standard possible.

Along with the OSIL200 Data Buoy, OSIL will also be exhibiting their new Midi Corer on their stand at OI 2008. The Midi Corer is part of OSIL's range of Bowers and Connelly Multiple Corers, which have undergone significant changes in manufacture to ensure the best possible sediment cores are obtained. The Multiple Corers still remain the only recognised method of collecting a truly undisturbed sediment sample from the seabed and they can sample up to 12 cores at up to full ocean depth in a single deployment and are easy to operate and deploy.

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