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ROVsim Undersea Pilot Series released

Posted on 18.02.2008 - 12:00 EST in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

ROVsim Undersea Pilot Series releasedROVsim Undersea Pilot Series is a collection of physics accurate, visually realistic and highly configurable Remotely Operated (submerged) Vehicle (ROV) simulators intended for ROV and marine professionals. By implementing the very latest technologies for real-time 3D visualization, it is able to simulate a wide range of mission variables: from changing currents and visibility, to electronics and gear failures.

Each volume in the series comes pre-configured with one popular commercial ROV and a selection of pre-built, realistic missions. Each volume in the series will include a selection from our most asked for missions including tunnel/pipe/tank inspection, marine biologics research and sampling, human remains/crime scene investigation and recovery, ship's hull inspection, harbor security, and marine archaeological research and recovery. Manufacturers whose products will be represented in the series include: SeaBotix, VideoRay, SeaEye, Deep Ocean and others.

ROVsim Undersea Pilot Series released

ROVsim Undersea Pilot Series also includes a Custom Mission Designer which allows you to build your own mission environments from either the selection of included models or your own models from a variety of sources, thus providing a nearly unlimited number of missions for you to explore.

ROVsim Features:

• Accurate physics simulation
• Stunning visual realism
• Full immersive environment
• Supports a wide variety and multiple input devices (including joysticks, gamepads, trackballs, etc.)
• Designed to operate on a low cost, personal computer
• Highly configurable and customizable for virtually any mission
• Realistically articulating robotic manipulators
• User selectable screen resolutions and graphics quality to allow optimum viewing on a wide range of computers
• Available for both Windows XP and Vista

Sample Missions:

Oil drilling platform work
External pipeline inspection
Cable laying surveys
Marine archeology / shipwrecks
Scientific data collection
ROV recovery
Submarine rescue


Harbor security
Ship's hull inspections
Dam and Hydro inspections
Law enforcement / evidence collection and forensics
Long distance pipeline inspection
Dam and bridge inspections
Water tower inspection
Scientific data collection
External pipeline


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