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Offshore News: Aker Kvaerner today launches the PodExTM subsea IOR technology solution

Posted on 15.02.2008 - 14:26 EST in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

YourSubseaNews writes:  

Aker Kvaerner today launches the PodExTM subsea IOR technology solutionThe PodExTM is a module that integrates new functionality and instrumentation directly into the existing subsea control system. It is a cost-effective alternative that requires very little installation time. Its ultimate aim is to optimise production at brownfield developments and enhance environmental safety.

The PodExTM utilises spare subsea electrical circuitry or co-existent power supplies to convey increased well and reservoir data to topside data acquisition systems for analysis. It is scalable and offers a transparent communication layer which is adaptable to any subsea application.

"This new solution is in sharp contrast to previous, more complex alternatives, which have required either changing or redesigning the original control system. The PodExTM instead uses existing infrastructure for power and communication," says Erik Taule, acting senior vice president of Aftermarket, Aker Kvaerner Subsea.

Another key benefit with the PodExTM is that it can be combined with controls system from all system manufacturers.

"There is an abundance of mature subsea fields around the world that can benefit from even better knowledge about their wells' behaviour and performance. The PodExTM provides the additional data needed to facilitate increased oil and gas recovery.

"Combined with our field proven processing and boosting technologies, the introduction of this latest product reconfirms our position as the world's leading provider of IOR technology for subsea developments," adds Taule.
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