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Easytrak orders multiply

Posted on 15.02.2008 - 10:00 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Easytrak orders multiplySuch is the enthusiasm for Applied Acoustics' Easytrak USBL Tracking System, that three organisations have recently added extra systems to their initial investment. The customers involved have been using Easytrak in a variety of applications showing how truly versatile and valuable the product has proved to be.

GSE Rentals in Aberdeen, UK, now have two Easytrak systems in their rental fleet. "We found the one unit we had was in constant demand both to our customers in the North Sea and further afield, so it was an easy decision to double up." said Alan Cameron, Engineering Manager of GSE Rentals.

A similar endorsement was received from Gardline Environmental, based in Great Yarmouth, UK, who found the accuracy and reliability of Easytrak during subsea survey tasks crucial to operational success and cost-effectiveness. Gardline's second and third systems were delivered at the end of 2007.

The third customer ordering again is the Royal Danish Navy, who use Easytrak in their specialist diving and mine counter measure operations. The Navy will take delivery of their third unit during the first quarter of 2008.

"We're particularly pleased that the global customer base for this product continues to expand," said Gavin Willoughby, AAE's Sales Manager, "but what's equally satisfying is the knowledge that Easytrak is fulfilling a number of key roles within individual organisations, which breeds confidence in the system, resulting in a number of repeat orders."

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