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Survey: HYPACK 2008 Conference news

Posted on 20.12.2007 - 08:00 EST in EXHIBITION NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

HYPACK 2008 Conference newsHYPACK version 2008 we will introduced at the HYPACK 2008 training conference. HYPACK 2008 will start the year with total new look with floating tool bars, multiple views for a project and flexible and customized window arrangement in Survey.

Some of the new features in HYPACK 2008 that will demonstrated during the conference will be Point Cloud editing tool, Sub-Bottom Profiling, new 3DTV with waves & sky. MrSID and JPEG2000 background charts support.

Some of the new feature in HYSWEEP include the new Odom ES3 and Riegl laser scanning interfaces. Also we have added the capability to logging and displaying Snippets and Total Propagated Error (TPE). New multibeam editing and filtering tools and a new CUBE with Enhanced OpenGL graphics will be also presented.

GEOCODER mosaicing program will be also available in HYPACK 2008: Developed by CCOM-UNH and licensed as a "standard" feature of HYPACK 2008.

The 3-day training session and expert session will cover all the new features of single beam and multibeam hydrographic surveying and dredge management using our HYPACK, HYSWEEP and DREDGEPACK packages.

HYPACK 2008: Point Cloud

Guest Speakers at HYPACK 2008

One of the highlights of the Expert Sessions for 2008 will be the participation of Dr. Brian Calder and Dr. Luciano Fonseca, both professors at UNH-CCOM. Brian will assist in an expert session focusing on HYPACK's integration of his CUBE algorithm used to clean multibeam data. Luciano will assist in an expert session that explains some of the features of the GEOCODER mosaicing program (new in HYPACK 2008). These sessions will take place one-after-the-other on Monday afternoon

Also new for 2008 are the One-on-One sessions. Attendees will have the opportunity to sign up for a 30 minute private session with a HYPACK developer or support engineer. HYPACK will have most of our programming and support crew at the seminar and ALL of them will be available for One-on-One sessions.

The most recent schedule for training sessions and Expert Sessions can be found the website

On-line registration for the HYPACK 2008 Training Conference are available at thr web site shortly ( The cost is US$299 for HYPACK users that subscribed to the Maintenance Plan, and $499 for all none users . Registration provides access to all training sessions, exhibits, lunch and hospitality functions.

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