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ROV NEWS: Global Explorer joins NOAA in the Celebes Sea

Posted on 05.12.2007 - 08:00 EST in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Global Explorer joins NOAA in the Celebes SeaIn October 2007, the Global Explorer ROV joined NOAA and National Geographic Magazine on an expedition to the unexplored waters south of the Philippine Islands. The Celebes Sea is more than 5,000 meters deep and the search was on for unknown species of marine life.

NOAA Exploring the Inner Space of the Celebes Sea 2007According to Larry Madin, Chief Scientist on the trip, "The ROV was the star of the show all along, and performed very well despite strong currents and unexpected underwater snares."

There is more information on NOAA's website here.

For some Celebes pictures click here.


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