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Offshore News: Thistle incident - further information

Posted on 26.11.2007 - 09:00 EST in OFFSHORE NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Thistle incident - further informationPetrofac, as duty holder of the Thistle Alpha installation on behalf of Lundin Britain Limited ( a wholly owned subsidiary of Lundin Petroleum AB), can confirm that following the incident on Sunday morning, 116 non essential personnel were down manned to the nearby Murchison and Dunlin platforms.

53 of the 116 non essential personnel who were down manned to the Murchison and Dunlin platforms are now returning to the Thistle Alpha platform. 63 will remain on the Murchison platform overnight. The current plan is to return the remaining staff to the Thistle platform tomorrow. All personnel are safe and well.

There were originally 159 personnel on the Thistle Alpha platform and 43 personnel remained on the platform throughout. A fire was reported on the platform at 08.07 today in the turbine module and was confirmed extinguished at 10:45.

Petrofac, Lundin Petroleum AB, and Lundin Britain Limited would like to thank all involved in this incident, especially the Coastguard, Bristow helicopters, search and rescue aircraft and the neighbouring platforms for their support and assistance.

Safety systems and the emergency response team worked well. A full investigation is being conducted into the incident. Production has been shut down.

The Thistle Alpha installation is located approximately 523 km (325 miles) north north east of Aberdeen and comprises a steel jacket supporting a 3 deck platform, accommodation and helideck.

Source: Lundin Petroleum (November 25, 2007)
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