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Contract Awards: Makai receives miscellaneous contracts awards

Posted on 19.11.2007 - 13:00 EST in CONTRACT AWARDS by Rons_ROV_Links

Makai receives miscellaneous contracts awardsMakai Ocean Engineering, Inc. recently received contract awards for a dynamic model of multi-line towed arrays and deployment analyses

Dynamic modeling of Multi-Line Towed Array Systems

Makai has received an award from CEROS to develop a real-time, dynamic model of multi-line towed arrays. Navy Surveillance Towed-Array Sensor System (SURTASS) vessels are unable to determine the shape of towed twin line arrays during vessel maneuvers resulting in a loss of array function and the ability to track targets. Makai plans on extending the capabilities of their existing finite element submarine cable model to multi-line towed array systems which would enable SURTASS vessels to track targets during maneuvers.

Deployment Analysis for a Deployable Autonomous Distributed System

Makai has received an SBIR Phase II award from SPAWAR, San Diego, to conduct deployment analyses on new technology that will result in high performance, persistent, rapidly deployable, survivable, and cost-effective ASW surveillance capability in littoral waters.
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