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Inspection: New external pipeline inspection technology – AGR Neptune

Posted on 16.11.2007 - 13:00 EST in INSPECTION NEWS (Subsea) by Rons_ROV_Links

New external pipeline inspection technology – AGR NeptuneAGR Group Announced today the introduction of the AGR Neptune, a new pipeline inspection tool that operates externally with small inspection class ROV's.

The new technology is non-diver reliant and extends operating depths for the pipe line inspection technology up to 6000 metres, or the maximum range of an ROV.

The AGR Neptune is a high resolution ultrasonic imaging tool designed to examine welds and prescribed areas of subsea pipelines and tubular structures. The technology is the first of its kind that can perform both high resolution wall thickness mapping and Time of Flight Diffraction weld inspection via a ROV.

agr_neptune_400AGR Neptune is a breakthrough in pipeline inspection technology. Where external inspection is normally conducted with divers in conjunction with dive support vessels (DSV's) the AGR Neptune will enable routine ROV inspections, reducing costs by approximately two thirds.

Traditionally, to corroborate internal pigging inspection findings external inspection tools deployed by divers are used, with the depth range limited by the transmission range of analogue signals. The AGR Neptune data is digitised and sends its data via the ROV umbilical. The AGR Neptune will accordingly reduce the need for divers to inspect pipeline infrastructure using external inspection tools.

Åge Landro, Executive Vice President of the Field Operations Division of AGR said, "With increasing life of fields, a global emphasis on HSE best practice and the increasing demands placed on subsea infrastructure, new solutions to ensure integrity are required. The AGR Neptune helps answer that demand. It is also rewarding to bring a technology to market that is both cost saving technology and reduces personnel risk".
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