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Subsea Telecom News: New submarine cable announced for Iceland

Posted on 17.10.2007 - 08:00 EDT in SUBSEA TELECOMS NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

New submarine cable announced for IcelandThe government of Iceland approved a new submarine cable, Danice, between Iceland and Denmark. The cable will be laid by Farice Inc., which is 80% Icelandic and 20% Faroese owned.

According to the Ministry of Communications, the new submarine cable will ensure safe transportation of data to and from the country and will be a welcomed addition to the Farice 1 submarine cable. With the two cables, which will be run as a unified system, a wireless connection between cables can be guaranteed, in the case of breakdown, the ministry said in a statement.

New submarine cable announced for Iceland. Click to enlarge.The ministry also stressed that the cable increases the opportunities for innovated businesses in Iceland, as the route was decided with the needs of data centers in mind. The Iceland-Denmark route means less latency to central and east Europe and creates desirable proximity to the connection points in Stockholm and Amsterdam. The cable uses state of the art technology and will stand up to the strictest Data Center demands on capacity and other technical aspects.

Farice Inc. is at the last stages of the study phase for Danice and the cable is planned to be up and running in the fall of 2008.
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