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Survey: Deep-sea, ROV and AUV GPS tracking device

Posted on 15.10.2007 - 12:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Delta Wave Communications released a new product. ROV/AUVTrac, a GPS tracking device which offers the capability to track the positions of underwater assets such as buoys, ROV's and AUV's on a global basis.

Deep-sea, ROV and AUV GPS tracking device

It is designed to burst transmit vehicle GPS coordinates at user defined intervals once the vehicle surfaces, utilizing Iridium's global satellite network. It can also be used to to transmit data to and from the equipment. The unit is based around the Iridium Talladega 9601A Short Burst Data transceiver, combined with the Trident Helix Ver.2 Processor, supplied exclusively to Delta Wave Communications for their oil and gas industry customers by Trident Sensors, Ltd of the UK. ROV/AUVTrac is engineered for deep-sea (6000m) and extreme-environment applications, and is engineered for extremely long battery life to serve extended duration missions, or long periods prior to recovery. Utilizing the Iridium satellite network in conjunction with GPS positioning, the two-way communications are truly global, enabling high volume data retrieval and remote reprogramming of missions.
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