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General: Tritech sets its sights across the water

Posted on 14.09.2007 - 08:00 EDT in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Tritech sets its sights across the waterTritech International Ltd has forged new international links with China through its parent company. Tritech joined the Halma group of companies in November 2006 and recently welcomed a visit from Chief Representative of Halma China in Shanghai, Martin Zhang.

With the Chinese market currently growing around 10% a year, Halma China's role is to support Halma companies seeking to enter the Chinese market. Tritech have been selling their products in China, through their distributors based in Qingdao, since 1999 and it is hoped that the additional support from Halma China can provide significant growth opportunities.

Martin Zhang visited the Tritech manufacturing site at Ulverston to meet the team and become acquainted with Tritech's subsea technology and its applications.

He commented, "It was a very successful visit. We believe Halma China can be instrumental in strengthening the company's current position in the market. We will be able to locate potential projects in China where Tritech products are applicable, collect market information and facilitate industrial partnerships in the region. Our role is to provide any necessary support to Tritech and its distributors."

Mike Broadbent, Technical Marketing Executive of Tritech commented, "With the Chinese market growing so rapidly, its great that we have this additional support. With Halma China we can increase our presence in the region and be aware, and take advantage of, any opportunities in this emerging market that perhaps we couldn't otherwise have done."
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