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General: Rt Hon Des Browne MP visits SeeByte Ltd.

Posted on 28.08.2007 - 00:00 EDT in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Rt Hon Des Browne MP visits SeeByte Ltd.The Rt Hon Des Browne MP, Secretary of State for Scotland and UK Secretary of State for Defence made a special visit to SeeByte Limited on Thursday 16th August 2007. The Minister was hosted by David Lane, founding CEO of SeeByte, at the company's new headquarters located in the heart of Edinburgh. SeeByte are celebrating the recent signing of several new technology licensing deals with Heriot-Watt University, continuing its commitment to commercialising leading edge technologies from the UK science base, and the establishment of a permanent US presence in San Diego as Cmdr Jon Wood USN (Ret) joins the team full time.

The Minister overviewed the Company's successful productisation of technology originating from Heriot-Watt University's world class Ocean Systems Laboratory, and the flagship SeeTrack product. Discussions were held on a wide variety of topics including the coalition partnership support offered by SeeTrack's adoption supporting interoperability of assets in several NATO Navies, dual use of MoD sponsored development into commercial markets, the successful commercialisation model of University research, the attraction of technical and business talent to Scotland, and the export success that the company's international business represents.

Since its founding in 2001, SeeByte has experienced rapid growth providing situation awareness software for people and machines in the Offshore and Defence industries. The new licensing deals and recently announced expansion plans in the US with the hiring of Cdr Jon Wood USN (Ret) continue the company's plan that will ensure SeeByte maintains product leadership, service excellence and the highest quality of customer support with its flagship SeeTrack product, delivering "Awareness Made Easy".

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  Rt Hon Des Browne MP and SeeByte CEO David Lane.   Rt Hon Des Browne MP viewing SeeTrack.  

Rt Hon Des Browne MP said "It's been a pleasure to visit SeeByte today. Success in business by a Scottish company is always welcome, but it is particularly good to see a hi-tech spin-off continuing to flourish. I know something from my own work about just how challenging the environments in which these products are designed to work can be, and it's clear that SeeByte is developing some extremely innovative products and competing successfully in a highly sophisticated marketplace.

"I've been interested to hear the views of staff and management and I'll take away some food for thought and a great deal of optimism about the level of innovation on display here today. The Government is committed to sustaining innovation and we must keep learning from examples of good practice to help the entrepreneurs of the future."

Founding CEO David Lane said: "We are delighted to welcome the Minister to join us as we celebrate the further licensing arrangements with Heriot-Watt University to transfer world class research into SeeByte, and our continued expansion into the US. Our strategy has been to listen closely to market demands and focus carefully on the key capabilities our customers actually need. We have recently launched our offshore product to industry acclaim and received further orders from the US Navy. As a result, the SeeTrack software platform is emerging as an industry leader in the underwater marketplace, turning sensor data into actionable information for people and machines. Our recent hiring of Cmdr Jon Wood in the US, and the imminent startup of SeeByte LLC and a San Diego office is truly an example of the grease that will keep the coalition partnership machine efficient and effective in the near to mid term. By building the single integrated picture of a situation from numerous sensors and assets, our technology has enabled war fighters in Iraq and unmanned underwater vehicles on the Atlantic Frontier to properly understand and respond to events around them in real time. Such improved awareness is at the heart of our customers' desires to keep staff out of harm's way and to reduce dependence on highly trained operational and engineering staff in remote locations."

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