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Inspection: IMCA looking for revision input of digital video offshore document

Posted on 24.08.2007 - 14:00 EDT in INSPECTION NEWS (Topside) by Rons_ROV_Links

IMCA looking for revision input of digital video offshore documentThe technology on offer and the operational background in which digital video is used offshore have both advanced considerably since the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) published 'Digital Video Offshore - a review of current and future technologies' in 2005, and these changes have led to the need for a significant revision with input requested from right across the industry.

"The current version, which is still serving a very useful purpose, has proved popular and useful to contractors and clients alike, clarifying requirements, tenders, expectations and project deliverables. Now technology and practice have moved forward so much that a substantial revision is necessary to ensure that the second version will be more current, relevan and widely adopted by the industry," explains IMCA's Technical Adviser, Nick Hough. "We are eager to hear from any interested parties (suppliers, users and clients), and would urge anyone interested in contributing to this work to contact or come to stand 851 at Offshore Europe."

Looking back

The initial document was published in September 2005 as a technology review with updates planned on a regular basis to keep pace with technological developments. During 2006 and 2007 the management committees of both the Offshore Survey Division and Remote Systems & ROV Division kept a watching brief on the development of digital video technology and its use offshore, and in May this year decided that a review of the published document should begin, as there had been significant advances in both technology and practice. In particular new products are now available; clients have new and different requirements; and last, but not least, digital video experience has grown.

Looking forward

IMCA has formed an industry-wide workgroup to revise 'Digital Video Offshore - a review of current and future technologies'. The group comprises digital video specialists from IMCA members in the Offshore Survey, Remote Systems & ROV and Diving Divisions, as well as representatives from the digital video industry itself. Many members of the workgroup contributed to the original document.

The review of the document will look at the new products and technology available, as well as the changes in practice brought on by the new and differing requirements being made by clients, particularly in the area of data delivery and storage.

The revision will include case studies showing how digital video technology is being implemented both offshore and at the point of delivery to the client, and will explore how digital video experience has grown in recent years. Following discussion meetings scheduled for later this year, the document will be ready for publication towards the end of Q1 2008.
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