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Subsea Telecom News: Oceanteam Power & Umbilical order heavy duty flexibles plough

Posted on 23.07.2007 - 15:58 EDT in SUBSEA TELECOMS NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Oceanteam Power & Umbilical order heavy duty flexibles ploughSMD Hydrovision is pleased to confirm that it has signed a Letter of Intent with Oceanteam Power & Umbilical ASA for the supply of a Heavy Duty Power Cable & Umbilical Plough. Delivery will be in the fourth quarter of 2007. The plough has the capacity to bury large diameter flexible products to a depth of 3m in a very wide range of soils.

The 150te bollard pull plough can bury up to 300mm cables with a 5m minimum bend radius in water depths to 500msw.

The plough is able to continuously vary its trench depth between zero and 3m using SMD's unique "multi-depth" design. This uses a combination of articulated chassis and skid control and provides much greater safety to the product through the full range of trench depths. The high bollard pull of the plough enables it to trench through stiff clays at 1.5m trench depth and even firm clays at full trench depth. The plough can enhance its performance in speed or depth in sands through its 250kW subsea jetting facility. The plough can be used for post or simultaneous lay and burial. In post lay mode it can load the product without the assistance of divers using on board cranes. The plough is fitted with SMD's powered bridle steering and can lifted on its tow cable for ease of handling.
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