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General: SeeByte launches SeeTrack Offshore V2.1 for safer, quicker and easier ROV operat

Posted on 13.07.2007 - 23:10 EDT in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

SeeByte launches SeeTrack Offshore V2.1 for safer, quicker and easier ROV operationsSeeByte Ltd is proud to announce the launch of SeeTrack Offshore V.2.1, a Dynamic Positioning system for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV).

SeeTrack Offshore automates the ROV control process. It saves time over conventional systems making operations safer, quicker and easier. With SeeTrack Offshore the ROV can efficiently maneuver through a mission automatically compensating for the effects of currents, is less likely to hit structures on the seabed and can take excellent video pictures from a distance. SeeTrack Offshore can be easily retrofitted to existing ROV systems.

Ioseba Tena, Product Manager at SeeByte, said "The release of SeeTrack Offshore V2.1 is the outcome of a very exciting two year product development programme building on several years of research partly sponsored by BP Exploration and Technology Group. The system has already been made to work with well established work class and observation class ROVs. Recent trials in the Gulf of Mexico and West of Shetland have demonstrated that the system can tangibly improve offshore operations. SeeTrack Offshore makes operations safer and quicker." Tena added "The technology fuses information from various sensors and takes the control inputs from the ROV joystick to compensate for current and tether effects so that when the pilot pushes forward the ROV actually moves forward."

"In order to ensure that SeeTrack Offshore delivered its promises it was important to develop a useful system for pilots. Thus all our DP modes have been designed through careful consultation and interaction with ROV pilots. The result is a tool that is easy and intuitive to use, not capable of replacing pilots, but empowering them. A very popular feature amongst novice and experienced pilots alike moves the ROV with simple "point-and-clicks" on a chart of the operational area, this feature alone can significantly impact a large volume of work currently carried out by ROVs."

"Our experience in trials carried out West of Shetland and in the Gulf of Mexico has shown that the hover performance of an ROV operating with SeeTrack Offshore is better than the performance of an ROV operating without it and, unlike pilots, SeeTrack Offshore does not tire," said Tena. "Operationally SeeTrack Offshore also stands to make great gains with tests demonstrating safer and quicker operations on common tasks such as transiting towards a target identified on the sonar display, complex manipulator work, inspection work from afar and docking the ROV to a garage with a significant heave."

"SeeTrack Offshore is now available for world-wide distribution. Installing SeeTrack Offshore is painless and requires no modifications to the ROV. The system runs on the surface and is contained in a 19 inch rack. Our experienced engineers will install and tune the system with no impact to everyday operations and no SeeByte personnel will be required to stay on-board once the system is up and running."
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