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Offshore News: Nini East fast-track plans

Posted on 23.06.2007 - 11:30 EDT in OFFSHORE NEWS by ginamc

DongDong says its North Sea Danish sector Nini East discovery will be fast-tracked into production after results from the Nini-5 appraisal well exceeded expectations.

"The Nini-5 results are important and strengthen our anticipation of a fast development of the Nini East oil discovery. Together with our recent Rau oil discovery this will prolong the life of the Siri field complex and create significant added value," said Dong’s President and CEO Olaf I. Ellingsen.
Reservoir connectivity and oil saturation was better than anticipated in the well, which was drilled to a total depth of 1,793 meters into chalk of Danian age.
The well proved the presence of oil and a minor amount of gas in paleocene sandstone in the eastern part of the Nini field. In order to appraise the extent and quality of the oil-bearing reservoir, coring was performed and two sidetracks were drilled with positive results. The information acquired during logging and sampling confirmed the productivity of the reservoir.

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