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Survey: Starfix navigation software features real time 3D charts

Posted on 05.06.2007 - 13:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Starfix navigation software features real time 3D chartsStarfix Display, a part of the Starfix Seis real-time navigation suite, now provides the Fugro offshore surveyor with 3D charts as an integrated feature.

Starfix Display has the ability to display a realistic 3D scene over the project area using detailed terrain models and 3D shapes of structures and vessels. The scene can also incorporate raster drapefiles and vector charts.

Moreover, the package offers flexible lighting and rendering options, allowing visual enhancement of important features.

The updated and much faster Starfix.B2N Binner file format, used by the 3D charts to provide Digital Terrain views, can manage data sets in excess of 1 GB at greater than 10 Hz. The B2N files may also be managed in Starfix Workbench for added functionality.

  Anchor cable draped over DTM   Vessel shapes and sea surface   Beacon position clusters during USBL system calibration showing flat sandwave seafloor  
  Anchor cable draped over DTM   Vessel shapes and sea surface   Beacon position clusters during USBL system calibration showing flat sandwave seafloor  

If no DTM is available for the work area, a user-selectable flat sea surface and a seafloor is still available.

Vessel guidance information such as trackplot sail lines, and target positions are all shown in 3D and presented in an intuitive manner. The user has the ability to move freely around in the scene and change ‘camera' orientation to get the right perspective for a critical activity or phase of an operation.

Furthermore, the software allows the ‘camera' to follow moving objects and supports a number of predefined fixed and dynamic ‘camera' locations.

Survey activities such as USBL calibrations and AUV mission monitoring, where sea bed topography is an important consideration, benefit greatly from the DTM views.

Additionally, construction activities will benefit from the views generated by the Fugro Engineers CSM catenary library now implemented in Starfix Anchors.

This catenary library supports multiple catenary touchdowns as well as floatation buoys. It can interact with a DTM and display points of contact. The operator can easily distinguish between suspended and grounded segments through visual indications in form of colour shading and anchor curtain profiles. Anchor curtains are also used to indicate the catenary's direction and position in relation to existing pipelines and structures.

3D charts have also been found useful in ROV guidance in proximity to pipelines and jackets or in congested areas. The depth perspective assists the ROV operator in clearly seeing where the vehicle sits with respect to the subsea features.

Source: crossSECTION-online


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