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Inspection: Video enhancer for Seabotix ROV systems

Posted on 05.06.2007 - 12:00 EDT in INSPECTION NEWS (Topside) by Rons_ROV_Links

Video enhancer for Seabotix ROV systemsThe LBV and LBC systems are supplied with high resolution low light color cameras that provide high quality video images. Under less than perfect conditions the images can suffer from low contrast and poor color as a result of turbidity. This is not a fault of the camera, but rather a result of the conditions.

LYNN T38A revolutionary new product is available that in many ways corrects the lack of contrast and color. Swedish company LYYN has introduced a small piece of hardware that processes the video image real time to correct the low contrast and color quality. The result is a noticeable improvement in video clarity and object identification.

The simple box has an input for video and output to the monitor.

When powered on the LYYN has a variety of adjustments.

•  Degree of enhancement (LYYNIFICATION) - this selector allows the operator to fine tune the degree of enhancement based on the operating conditions.
•  Selection - the area being enhanced can be altered to various parts of the screen.
•  Size - the size of the window being enhanced can be varied to full or partial screen.

ICC with LYNNAnother benefit of the LYYN is that it can be used either real time while operating the LBV or LBC or it can be used post with recorded video. It is recommended that RAW video be recorded to preserve the original image and enhance later if the video is to be presented.

Integration into LBV and LBC systems is quite simple for most systems. All fiber optic video systems (LBV200L, LBV300 series and LBV600). For LBV150BE and LBV150SE systems there is some rewiring required to provide output of video and input to the monitor.

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