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Survey: Hydrographic survey information released in Google Earth format

Posted on 01.06.2007 - 14:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Hydrographic survey information released in Google Earth formatThe Hydrography Unit of the MCA's Navigation Safety branch have released a selection of files for download to the general public which provide information regarding some of the MCA's bathymetric multibeam surveys.

Rob Spillard, Hydrography Manager, says:

"All seabed data that the MCA gathers is used to keep UK nautical charts and publications up-to-date to support safety of navigation in UK waters. However, our data can be used for many other purposes and we are hoping that, by publishing the data on our web site in a special layer, viewable in "Google Earth", we will encourage other government and non-government organisations to share seabed data with us, thereby saving costs for everybody. In addition, we are also pleased to show the public where their money is being spent and hope that, by doing this, we may also receive suggestions regarding new areas that should be considered for surveying so as to further improve safety for the mariner."

The files can be viewed by downloading free Google Earth ( and show extensive information about the areas the MCA has surveyed in recent years. Each file includes an image of the surveyed seabed.

Download files from the continually expanding database at the Hydrography website at The files are not to be used for navigation.

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