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ROV NEWS: New range of workclass ROV garages for Subsea 7

Posted on 01.06.2007 - 12:00 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

New range of workclass ROV garages for Subsea 7SMD Hydrovision (SMDH) has completed another contract for i-Tech, a division of global subsea contractor Subsea 7, for a Garage TMS (Tether Management System) suitable for handling the Centurion QX Work Class ROV.

The garage uses the same fleeting drum and tether friendly technology as SMDH's Tophat TMS systems currently used by a number of offshore contractors. The garage systems are constructed using high strength steel and aluminium alloy to balance weight with good accessibility and payload carrying capability. The design offers extensive free space within the structure to cater for large tool spreads, water gycol tanks etc. This is beneficial when working in deep water allowing the TMS to support the ROV for prolonged periods of time without the need to resurface.

Click image to enlarge.The height of the ROV bay can be quickly adjusted to cater for varying tool skids. In addition the whole assembly can be easily dismantled for transportation on a standard lorry trailer. The TMS is controlled using SMDH's distributed vehicle control system (DVECS), which is used on all TMS, ROV systems and trenchers SMDH manufacture.

Two different types of garage systems - Compact and Extended - can now be offered by SMDH. The Compact version is suitable for handling lightweight and general purpose work class ROV systems such as the Quasar, Quasar Compact and Centurion QX sized ROVs. The Extended version is designed for larger general purpose and construction class ROV systems such as the Quantum and Hercules size vehicles. The first Extended version is currently undergoing final testing at an flooded dock test facility close to SMDH's premises and will be delivered to Subsea 7's construction division in the near future.

The first garage system was designed and manufactured in 16 weeks by SMDH. Completion of this contract further broadens SMDH's product range and emphasises the company's strength to design, manufacture and deliver equipment which meets customers exacting requirements in a tight timescale.
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