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ROV NEWS: CCC Underwater Engineering's Panther in Action

Posted on 20.02.2004 - 17:36 EST in ROV NEWS by ginamc

When it comes to pipeline surveys, most people associate this task with large work class ROVs; so we were very grateful to receive a set of pictures this week from CCC Underwater Engineering in Abu Dhabi showing their Seaeye Panther fully fitted out for this task.

Their Panther is shown with camera booms on the front of the vehicle to video either side of the pipe with the vehicle's main camera viewing from above. Dual head profiling sonars are fitted on the stern to provide a profile of the pipe and seabed and a bathymetric system provides an accurate datum depth and altitude of the vehicle corrected for seawater temperature, and barometric pressure. All of this information, together with the ROV's position, is fed into their survey computer to generate the client's report.

This Panther is also fitted with obstacle avoidance sonar and a five function manipulator as well as wheels mounted on the frame to allow the vehicle to drive along and follow the top of the pipe.

CCC also use their Panther for touch down monitoring for which they have developed a technique of cross-hauling their TMS and deploying it from the end of the stinger to about 10 metres above the seabed. This helps get the extra excursion to allow the touch downs to be monitored from the laying vessel.

Source: Seaeye Ltd

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