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Posted on 17.12.2003 - 02:15 EST in SUBSEA TELECOMS NEWS by ginamc

KMI's annual report on Worldwide Optical Fiber and Cable Markets is the standard for independent analysis of demand and production used by companies in this industry. This edition provides an updated forecast by fiber type and five applications for 50+ countries, grouped into five regions...

The assessment of changes in demand for Europe, Asia, and North America along with detailed production estimates for almost 200 fiberoptic cable and more than 50 fiber manufacturing facilities make this re port an indispensable resource for understanding this industry, and for staying abreast of current developments.

Some of the data you'll find in the 2004 edition of Worldwide Optical Fiber and Cable Markets:
- Trends in fiber types including low-water peak and NZ-DSFAl Schramm, and by multimode core size
- Market size in kilometers and dollars for both optical fiber and cable by fiber type
- Detailed production estimates by region/country for almost 200 o ptical cable plants, and more than 50 fiber production facilities
- 50+ country profiles by fiber and cable production facility

A complete table of contents will be available: please contact KMI for more information


KMI's research for this edition continues its focus on the restructuring in the telecommunications and fiberoptics industries. The report provides in-depth, quantitative analyses of the changes among the suppliers, the product types, the geographic market segments, and the production facilities.

Based on an analysis of the recent trends and the reasons for the current softness in major markets, the report forecasts demand to resume gradual growth in the next five years. The demand forecast highlights the continued importance of Asia among world markets, as well as the increased acceptance of low water peak fiber.

Major sections of the report include:

- (overview of market conditions and recent developments;)
- analysis of cable demand in terms of fiber-km and sheath-km, segmented by country, region, application, and fiber type;
- forecast of demand in fiber-km and sheath-km through 2008 by country and application;
discussion of major installation programs and other market factors in select countries;
- analysis of fiber production and capacity at more than 50 facilities worldwide, with details on owners and fiber types;
- analysis of cable production at almost 200 facilities worldwide;
- profiles of the eight major fiber-and-cable manufacturing groups;
- profiles of 44 fiber- and cable- producing countries, showing net exports or imports of fiber and cable;
- discussion of fiber and cable price trends and current pricing;
- estimates of fiber manufacturer's capacity;

This report will support business decisions for companies involved in manufacturing, investing in, or analyzing the following product areas:

- communications fiber ## both single-mode and multimode;
- preforms, tubes, and glass rods used to make fiber;
- cooling gases, high-purity chemicals, coatings, and other materials;
- draw towers, perform lathes, deposition systems, ovens and coating/curing systems;
- optical test systems, proof test ers, and other test and measurement systems;
- fiberoptic cable ## all types;
- fiberglass, aramid yarns, FRP/GRP, and other strength elements;
- armor tapes, water blocking materials, other cable materials;
- resins and materials for buffer tubes, inking/coloring, ribbonizing, jacketing, and other cable elements;

Who will benefit from the report?

- business development and marketing executives at firms manufacturing fiber, cable, or related products;
- venture capital firms, lenders, and other investors that are involved in fiberoptics or advanced telecommunications technologies;
- managers of R&D, engineering, or other technology development groups that need to know the five-year outlook for fiberoptic installations.

Sales contact: Dorcie Sarantos, 401.243.8114,
Press contact: Patrick Fay, 401.243.8121,

Source: KMI Research
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