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Survey: BlueView imaging sonar gets thumbs up

Posted on 16.05.2007 - 13:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

BlueView imaging sonar gets thumbs upThe US Coast Guard (USCG) recently completed field evaluations of the BlueView P900E imaging sonar for underwater IED Inspection with very positive results. The evaluations, conducted for the USCG by the University of South Florida's Center for Ocean Technology (COT), evaluated new sensors for use in critical homeland security missions.

A series of official underwater IED targets were placed around pilings, seawalls and on the harbor bottom to simulate a terrorist port security event. The targets were then detected and inspected with the P900 in patrol vessel mounted and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) mounted configurations.

"The nice thing about the P900 was just how easy it was to incorporate it into our shipboard, ROV and Internet mapping systems," said John Kloskie, former USF-COT Director of Operations.

P900E-20 Underwater Imaging Sonar System
P900E-20 Underwater Imaging Sonar System

The P900E is the latest entry in BlueView's line of miniature multibeam imaging sonars that use a revolutionary new technology originally developed for US Navy missions. This technology produces miniaturized, underwater vision systems that can be affordably deployed in large numbers. It is now also being used to help address commercial applications and emerging threats in US port security. The P900E is comparable in size to underwater video cameras and delivers video-like streaming imagery. However, it is not affected by water clarity because it uses sound instead of light to make images. All BlueView products are ‘plug and play' compatible, utilizing the same software and cabling. Users can easily swap sonar models or shift sonar heads between platforms in a matter of minutes.

Although just introduced, the P900E plugs directly into the full spectrum of commercial products currently available from third party vendors for use on a variety of platforms. Underwater vision now is available in even the murkiest waters with off-the-shelf products for patrol vessels, ROVs, and diver handheld systems.


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