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Inspection: VisualWorks 7.0 Released

Posted on 09.05.2007 - 05:54 EDT in INSPECTION NEWS (Topside) by ginamc

VisualWorks Version 7.0 is now available for download from our website. Changes and enhancements include the following:

VisualSoft's own MPEG2 decoder means that no third party software codecs need to be installed to play MPEG2 video files fast, and smooth both forwards and backwards.

VisualWorks "HD SDI ready": Our new MPEG2 encoder is based on the latest Optibase encoder cards including the new high definition card.

Multi-Channel recording on a single PC: Videum Duo and Quatro cards allow VisualDVR to record up to three channels of full frame video. A fourth lower resolution channel may also be used for recording sonar or similar displays.

Improved video quality: The new capture cards used in VisualDVR and VisualEncoder provide noticeably better quality video.

VisualEdit and VisualReview are able to play near-live MPEG2 video direct from the encoder PCs right up to the current recording point.

A new logging application has been added. VisualData will in time replace VisualProfiler for survey data logging. VisualData provides improved displays of the incoming data. New “sticky” display windows may be "un-docked" from the main window and arranged according to user preference.

Millisecond time resolution is now standard in VisualWorks.

Geodetic calculation scripts are now included in VisualEdit Pro.

A network UDP interface for incoming data is included in VisualData and VisualProfiler.

VisualEdit and VisualReview now support control commands from third-party software via the network UDP interface in addition to the original serial port interface.

Certain processing scripts may now be run on event data using a VisualEvent license in VisualEdit. Scripts include "Find and Replace" for text substitution. VisualEdit Pro gives access to all scripts.

"Un-Dockable" and "Sticky" windows may be arranged according to user preference and snap to one another as if slightly magnetic.

A basic prototype 3D platform and structure viewer has been added to VisualEdit. Using Autodesk's DWF file viewer technology drawings may be zoomed and rotated, and components of the drawing link to the VisualWorks project structure.

VisualDVR Version 2 is included as standard in the VisualWorks 7.0 installation.

Source: VisualSoft

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