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AUV NEWS: C- Surveyor III AUV completes Noble Energy Project

Posted on 06.05.2007 - 05:07 EDT in AUV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

C- Surveyor III AUV completes Noble Energy ProjectC & C Technologies, Inc. (Lafayette, LA, USA), the worldwide leader in deepwater autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) operations, recently completed a survey for Noble Energy utilizing its new C-Surveyor III AUV. The C-Surveyor III completed the 81NM survey in the Gulf of Mexico with water depths ranging from 4100 to 4700 feet.

C & C's new 4500-meter C-Surveyor III AUV includes a multibeam echosounder, chirp side scan sonar, chirp sub-bottom profiler and CTD system. The customized sub-bottom profiler on board is outfitted with narrow transmit and receive beams to permit significantly deeper seabed penetration. In addition to the sub-bottom profiler, a customized Dynamically Focused (DF) sidescan sonar system provides five times more resolution than traditional systems used on other AUVs.

C-Surveyor III has improved C & C's AUV capabilities with extended water depth ratings, improved data acquisition sensors and allowing increased worldwide coverage. Thomas Chance, CEO of C & C Technologies, commented, "We are really excited about the progress of the our AUV program over the last seven years. We have taken the technology from the R&D stage to being fully integrated into the majority if the world's deepwater survey programs."
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