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Inspection: Acergy Norway select VisualSoft

Posted on 10.04.2007 - 05:44 EDT in INSPECTION NEWS (Topside) by ginamc

VisualSoft Bringing Information to the SurfaceAcergy Norway select VisualSoft to provide a bespoke Digital Video system for 5 vessels. The first system is mobilised on the Acergy Petrel for commencement of the Statoil 2007 campaign.

VisualSoft develop their own MPEG2 decoder to meet the demanding playback requirements set by the Acergy specification. This results in all our video review packages having MPEG2 playback ability without the need for the client to have MPEG2 codecs installed on their PC. Traditionally, this posed a problem where IT restrictions prevented clients from installing the required components. Now clients can play MPEG2 video using our players without installing any software, not even the player itself needs be installed.

Source: VisualSoft

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