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Inspection: Savante OSL: Product Launch: VideoCRYPT Blackbox Recorder

Posted on 10.04.2007 - 04:28 EDT in INSPECTION NEWS (Topside) by ginamc

savante writes:  

 Savante OS Limited is proud to announce the release of VideoCRYPT.

VideoCRYPT is an all-new video blackbox solution designed specifically to mitigate the stresses focussed on an offshore survey team when pressured with catastrophic survey dataloss and the demand for instant data recovery and assessment. 

By focussing ONLY on the essential requirements of a blackbox datacorder, namely integrity, speed and ease of data recovery-distribution, VideoCRYPT is the perfect goalkeeper solution for the offshore marine, inspection and oil market.

A significant advantage of VideoCRYPT is its use of the latest in MPEG-4 encryption, achieving higher compression whilst retaining superior video clarity compared to the now-aging MPEG-2 standard.  In addition, the use of a vastly simplified user interface and intelligent data distribution system means that data can be instantly transmitted by any available network connection or even hand-carried by USB pen-drive without the time-consuming need for “DVD finishing” or “video-authoring” software.

Designed to be operated from a USB2 pen drive, VideoCRYPT can be used from any Windows XP/Vista PC without a requirement for complex cabling and installation procedures.

Other features include;
·          Simple VHS-recorder front end
·          Optional video overlay including text, RS232 data or bitmap graphics
·          Supports resolution up to 768 x 576 at 30fps in 24-bit color
·          Intelligent file management system includes “roll-over” 24-7 continuous operation
·          Digital stills capture to JPG format
·          LIVE Video display
·          Simultaneous recording to multiple media
         o  Last three hours on USB-pen drive 
         o  24-7 continuous logging on hard-disk
·          User defined video segmentation
·          Network access
·          Broadcasting of live video and digital stills to internet and mobile phones
·          Internal quality control log
·          Can be downloaded from internet and operated with wide range of video grabber cards including USB2

For further information contact SavanteOS limited at

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