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ROV NEWS: Canadian Deepwater Technology

Posted on 30.01.2004 - 05:41 EST in ROV NEWS by admin

Pro-Dive Oceaneering Dominion Diving Limited, Canada's largest full service subsea Diving and ROV Company are pleased to update our existing and future Oil and Gas clients of the deepwater developments taking place right here in Atlantic Canada.

Dominion Diving Limited (DDL), a 100% Canadian owned and operated company, operate the largest fleet of Remotely Operated Vehicles in Canada.

In our pursuit of the opportunity for deepwater activities we had the choice of refurbishing older systems in the fleet or making a capitol investment in both our personnel and our company.

Senior Management of DDL chose to make the commitment to provide the East Coast Oil and Gas industry with the "DDL Olympian", a new build 100Hp, 3000m rated state of the art deepwater ROV system. This ROV was mobilized to Canada in mid June 2001, and was immediately utilized on the Terra Nova Project with our other new build deepwater ROV "DDL XL 38". Although the water depths are not considered ultra deep, the tooling and intervention task requirements are similar to those utilized for the anticipated deepwater subsea completion systems in Atlantic Canada.

During these operations the ROV worked successfully and we are excited about what the future holds for the emergence of Oil and Gas developments in Eastern Canada. A transfer of Technology training and development program have taken place and continues to grow, in our efforts to provide more opportunities for local Canadian offshore skilled personnel. Our position for over 31 years has been to develop a solid infrastructure here in Atlantic Canada, provide continuous opportunities for Atlantic Canadians and to compete against the steady fluctuation of foreign companies moving to Eastern Canada.
Dominion Diving Limited continues to provide our personnel with sophisticated training opportunities, hands-on offshore applications and the reliability of a team work approach to ROV programs.

Source: Dominion Diving

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