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General: Eiva agency agreement awarded by LYNN AB

Posted on 07.03.2007 - 02:00 EST in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Eiva agency agreement awarded by LYNN ABEiva has been awarded a new agency agreement by LYYN AB, a Swedish company formed in 2003.

LYYN masters the so called LYYN Visibility Enhancement Technology (V.E.T.) in which visibility is enhanced (particularly the possibility to see colors, movement and contours) in fog, snow, dust, sand, darkness, etc as well as under water and in medicinal applications. The real key to the technology is the deep understanding of the insufficiencies of the brain in interpreting what the eye actually sees. V.E.T. works on digital images and video from normal cameras, but can also be used in processing saved material.

Go to to see for yourself.


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