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General: SOSI delivers ROV umbilical winch

Posted on 15.02.2007 - 12:00 EST in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

SOSI delivers ROV umbilical winchSound Ocean Systems, Inc. (SOSI) of Redmond, WA has delivered a large ROV Umbilical Winch to Oceaneering International, Inc. of Houston, TX. SOSI’s Model UCW-40144 OHRAL Umbilical Cable Winch is designed for work class ROV umbilical storage and similar applications where space constraints dictate an overhead right angle levelwind.

The winch is ruggedly constructed for platform or shipboard installation. It’s open frame steel construction and marine grade finish provide long life and ease of maintenance even in harsh environments. The SOSI UCW series winches are available with a full range of standard and optional features including certifications to ABS or DNV standards.

The winch provided to Oceaneering features a separate electro-hydraulic power unit (in this case provided by Oceaneering), a hydrostatic drive, an electro-active overhead right angle levelwind, a spring applied pressure release fail-safe brake, Lebus covers, stainless steel drip pans, and stainless steel piping & fittings. The winch has a storage capacity to hold 14,500 feet of 1.62-in. diameter cable. It has a working line pull of 30,000 lbs and is capable of holding a static line pull of 60,000 lbs. The winch has variable line speed up to a maximum of 100 feet per minute at full drum. SOSI’s umbilical cable winches can also be supplied with goal post style levelwind assemblies.

Sound Ocean Systems, Inc. (SOSI) is located in Redmond, Washington, USA and for more than 28 years has provided commercial, academic and governmental customers around the world with a variety of quality marine products and services including oceanographic data buoys, ocean data platforms, moorings & instrumented moored systems, diesel generator power modules for buoys, high and low-speed tow bodies, self-propelled and towed seafloor vehicles, marine instrumentation and ROV umbilical winches, launch & recovery systems, and other specialized deck equipment.
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